Local Flyer Roundup: Groceries October 31 – November 6

Here’s a roundup of deals from select local merchants for this week. Thanks to dev0kan on Reddit for the effort.


Numerous deals on gas savings if you buy certain products, check out the flyer

Lots of Buy One/Get one deals, but be careful of the prices

  • Fresh Chicken Breast Halves or Inside Round Oven Roast $5.99/lb ($13.21/kg) (Mix & Match) (BoGo)
  • Celery, Red Grape Tomatoes, or Whole White Mushrooms $2.99 (Mix & Match) (BoGo)
  • Catelli Pasta or Ragu Pasta Sauce (Mix & Match) (BoGo)
  • Janes Breaded Chicken Burgers, Nuggets, or Strips 800g $11.99 (BoGo)
  • Michelina's Green Box, Harmony, or Zap'ems $2.00 (BoGo)
  • Carrots or Onions $2.89 (Mix & Match) (BoGo)
  • Maple Leaf Flakes of Meat or Kraft Dinner (Excludes Original) $1.99 (Mix & Match) (BoGo)
  • SpogneTowels Ultra or Palmolive Dishwashing liquid $3.69-4.49 (Mix & Match) (BoGo)


I really wouldn't bother this week

  • Pork Back Ribs $2.99 ($6.59/kg)
  • Pepsi 12x355ml $3.50


  • Coke 12/15x 355ml $3.33
  • Graves Apple Juice 945ml $0.99

No Frills

  • Lantic White Sugar 2kg $1.88
  • Coke or Pepsi 2L $0.96
  • Ragu PAsta Sauce $0.96
  • Knorr SideKicks $0.96


  • Michelina's Frozen Entrees $1.00
  • Catelli Pasta 375-500g $1.00
  • Primo Soups $1.00
  • Catelli Garden Select Sauces $1.00
  • White Eggs, XL $2.00
  • Lays 180g $2.00
  • Maple Leaf Bacon $3.00

Additional Flyers

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