Local “Gilded Girls” launch custom jewelry business

"Gilded Girls" Diane Walker (left) and Kim Richardson held a successful initial launch of their business this past Sunday.

"Gilded Girls" Diane Walker (left) and Kim Richardson held a successful initial launch of their business this past Sunday.

Diane Walker and Kim Richardson, two Bedford residents, have been friends for eight years and really had no plans to go into business together, as they both have full time jobs already. Walker is a piano teacher and Richardson works in sales.

“One day this summer we were shopping on a Saturday and popped into a bead store just out of curiosity and what started as two friends deciding to make jewelry for Christmas presents turned into this new business venture,” explained Richardson.

Once they had completed some of the pieces they realized just how much they enjoyed the process. The two women thought that if they could develop a line of custom jewelry that didn’t already exist in the market than other people might be interested in their creations.

“We really feel that our niche is going to be in custom ‘one of a kind’ and ‘made to order’ pieces. With the exception of some of the pendants all the other pieces in the collection are one of a kind and will not be duplicated.”

Walker and Richardson plan to continue to expand their existing collection while at the same time moving towards client-directed custom made to order pieces.

“Who hasn’t had a great outfit for a special event and needed just the right accessory to make it pop and couldn’t find what they had envisioned? We believe this will be our strength; we have a lead time of two weeks maximum to create pieces that will very much be in collaboration between the client and ‘Gilded Girls’.”

Even someone who struggles with what accessory to wear with specific pieces in their wardrobe will be able to come away with a beautiful piece of jewelry that looks great on her and that no one else will have, all for a very affordable price.

The two friends had a successful initial launch of their business this past Sunday and were encouraged by the response of those who attended.

They are already busy working on some custom orders they received over the weekend and as such have had their belief reinforced that this is the right direction to be moving in.

Walker and Richardson have plans to develop a website after Christmas but for now they will focus on selling their line of jewelry at home parties and open houses.

To contact the “Gilded Girls” call Kim Richardson at 835-5684 or Diane Walker at 832-1191.

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