Local initiative supports youth mental health at Christmas time

By James Piercy

The Local Sock is an initiative that happens around Christmas time which helps nonprofit organizations raise money to help with food, healthcare and financial security through the support of donations from local businesses. 

Christmas Socks Donations from last year (Photo By Alison Hill)


Founded by Alison Hill, she says she found inspiration from when she was younger and how she enjoyed opening a Christmas sock for Christmas. The idea came from a conversation she had with her friend. 

Alison Hill, Founder of Local Sock (By Alison Hill)

She says she came up with the idea during her conversation with her friend because she realized others may enjoy getting Christmas Socks as well.

“I just started thinking it would be nice if we could just do that for people, [especially right now] with everyone down and out with being in isolation for Christmas.” says Hill.

The Local Sock initiative began last year, and donations came in from local businesses within
the HRM. Last year, all proceeds made from the Local Sock were given to Feed Nova Scotia.

Lindsay Construction was one place that donated to the Local Sock last year, Hill says she hopes other places can follow in their footsteps.

With the help of donations last year, The Local Sock was able to give 12 socks to people. Hill says it was rewarding seeing how happy people were to be given socks.

“Some people were crying out on our doorstep because they’ve never been given such a beautiful gift and it was coming from somebody that loved them and it was just an unbelievable experience.” She says.  

Donations involving money will go directly to the Laing House Empowerment Fund this year. The Empowerment Fund is made to help youth pay for things such as food, safe housing and university application fees if necessary for example. 

Hill says she likes the Empowerment Fund being set up with Christmas Sock because it will help many youth who are in financial difficulty.

“I feel confident about the donations going directly to a fund that they can use at their discretion for their members that they’re trying to get their members to be successful and be successful in life and to give them any kind of opportunity.” says Hill.  
The goal for this year is 21 socks to be given. Hill says the best way for that to happen is for people to nominate someone who they think deserves a sock this year.

“The nominations can be anyone that is involved in their community, [someone who’s] had a hardship this year, somebody that you want to recognize, you can send in a little blurb it can be as long or as short as you want.” says Hill.

Hill says if anyone wants to nominate someone, or donate to The Local Sock, send a message to them on Instagram. Local Sock expects to give out the socks on December 18 and will decide on who the recipients are after December 15.


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