Looking into Canada’s most thrilling Recreational activities

Canada is home to a wide variety of extreme sports, many of which require traversing the country’s varied scenery, including its towering mountains, rushing rivers, crystal-clear lakes, and vast woods. There are, however, also urban experiences available that will put your mettle to the test. Some of the most extreme activities available in Canada are listed here.

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The EdgeWalk at the CN Tower

Taking a look down from the CN Tower’s glass observation decks is enough to make some people nervous. The CN Tower EdgeWalk, at 356 meters (1,168 feet) (116 floors) above earth, is the highest full-circle hands-free walk in the world. The walk takes place on a ledge 1.5 meters (5 feet) wide and circles the top of the Tower’s main pod.

This 90-minute heart-stopping adventure sees individuals walking the whole 360 degrees of the tower while attached to a harness and track. Relax and take in the unparalleled vistas of Toronto from the comfort of your seat or by leaning over the side.

Trekking the West Coast of Vancouver Island

West Coast Trail in British Columbia, 

Some of Canada’s most stunning scenery may be seen along the coast in the western part of the nation. The West Coast Trail, a renowned 75 km (47 miles) hike that passes through woods, bogs, up and down ladders, rocky and sandy beaches, and more, is maintained as part of Pacific Rim National Park. There are several spots that can only be accessed by a quick voyage on a boat or a cable car. You shouldn’t go into this week-long adventure without the necessary fitness level; it’s no easy hike. Because you are unlikely to run across many other people on your journey, you have to carry everything you need with you.

The West Coast Trail is open from May till September, although there is a limit of 52 hikers per day.

Exploring the underwater world in search of whales

Canada’s extensive coastline provides excellent whale-watching opportunities year-round, since these marine mammals travel great distances in quest of food. Most of the passengers choose to ride in one of two types of boats, either a huge ferry or a more maneuverable Zodiac. The brave, however, go into waters frequented by whales and swim in their company.

Ocean Quest Adventures in Newfoundland, Canada, the most eastern (and perhaps nicest) province in the country, is the ideal company to arrange this sort of vacation with.

In other words, Rick and Debbie Stanley are seasoned whale watchers. They like sharing not just the beauties of whales with visitors, but also the importance of marine conservation and responsible tourism.

Quebec’s Ice Hotel

This Is The Village Of Alpeniglu, And It’s Made Of Snow And Ice

Photography by Johannes Simon / Getty Images

Depending on your point of view, an ice hotel might be either terribly wild or a lovely and pleasant place to spend the night. Book a room at the Quebec Ice Hotel and make up your own mind. Every year during the coldest month of January, this arctic dwelling is dismantled and rebuilt.

Start your night off with a drink at the bar, which, like the rest of this architectural marvel, is made completely of ice. The average temperature at the hotel is between 3 and 5 degrees below zero.

Guests are welcome to use the sauna and hot tubs outside before turning in for the night.

Finally, settle down for the night on your icy mattress and pray you won’t wake up because you need to use the restroom.

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