Looks that are Palette-able

L-A: That title should totally be a nominee for Worst Pun in a Blog Title.  But I do love my puns and it does sort of make sense with this post. Anyway, I had a post just about written and ready for Ally, but my computer ate it. Boo. So now I have to try to salvage that original awesomeness.

The pun is all about some blog love for Wear Palettes, a fashion and colour blog by a Swiss graphic design student Daniel Pianetti.  I found the site via Design Milk and it was pretty much blog love at first sight.  But as Levar would say, you don’t have to take my word for it: (the soon to be defunct) Men.Style.com is also a fan.

There are actually two blogs in one with Wear Palettes: Street Colour and VIP Colour.  The Street Colour section got to about 1600 palattes with looks found via FPQT fave The Sartorialist, but is now partners with lookbook.nu to get the street style shots.  If you’re really into colours, or maybe just want to take the palettes shopping, you can find them on Colour Lovers. But enough out of me. Let’s take a looksee at some picture pages:

Street Style:


I like this palette. It’s totally apropos of some summer styles in this palette found in a recent Stylesightings post.

Red Carpet Style:


Way to work in that grey scarf Brad, you inglorious bastard you. (Sorry…this pic is from the Cannes premiere of the film). I really dig the scarf and the light coloured suit. Great summer suit look.

Random Celebrity Style:

camerondiazpalette jarviscockerpalatte

Cameron Diaz making winter look good and Jarvis Cocker showing us that it is sometimes okay to do brown and black together.

Random cute boy style

wearpalette4 wearpalette3

Boy number one has better legs than me and is making topsiders look cool (for me, the jury is still out on whether I can get in line with the return of topsiders/deck shoes). Boy number two has got some sort of Holden Caufield or a boy scout look happening. Either way, I like it. (sort of reminds me of one of the reasons I joined the scouting movement when I was in high school. Or, at least, one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much).

And, of course, Chuck Bass Style:


Artfully mixing colour like he mixes his patterns. Totally first season, but it’s not like he’s dropped the ball since then. (And seriously, if Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, and assistant costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack, aren’t winning some sort of award for that show…well…we might just have to make one up and send it to them).

Okay. that’s it for me and my blog recommendation for this week. It’s pretty, it’s got real people, celebrities, and fictional people. And if you feel like you suck at putting colours together, this site could be very helpful. So, what more could you want?

AllyG: Late post is totally my fault today. I battled the stomach flu yesterday and today I am going to war with my printer connection. It’s not looking good.  While I fight the battle, I will leave you with my girl crush of this week, Cariad Harmon:

Cariad Harmon

Is she not adorable? Perfect outfit, bonus points for the bangle. Anyhoo, there is a fabulous article on my girl Cariad at NYmag.com . Read it, love it. I promise I’ll do better tomorrow.

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