L’Oreal Hair Expertise Fibralogy

Would you look at that gorgeous aqua and hot pink packaging!

This trio of L’Oreal Hair Expertise Fibralogy line was sent from the Influenster Vox Box program for review.

I couldn’t stop oh-ahhing for a long while 🙂

The idea of thicker hair both excites and cats a shadow of doubt in me.

I normally look for cleansing properties in my shampoo, conditioning work in my conditioner (obviously) and leave the thickening effect to the treatments. If this trio together can do all that, I am all set!

The essence of the line is Filloxane, a molecule proven to increase the section of the hair fibre, supposed to penetrate and diffuse the hair and remain up to 10 shampoos, creating a cumulative thickening effect.

Let’s look at Fibralogy thickening shampoo and conditioner first.

I gotta say right away, the shampoo, leaves my hair with, instead of the squeaky feeling when you can hardly run your hand through the strands, the light and fluffy feeling, like it has been deep conditioned already. I am not used to this lol.

The conditioner enhances that feeling, being a nice companion to the shampoo. They both feel creamy coming out of the bottle and smell really nice.

Now I haven’t strayed from the regular routine and tested the conditioner alone (the no-shampoo routine, adopted by quite a few ladies out there), so I can’t confirm if it can perform the job for the whole line but, it is promising together with the shampoo.

The trick to bring that light thickening effect to the next level is the Fibralogy thickness booster, with L’Oreal highest concentration of Filloxane (5%).

Like a primer for your conditioner, it is a runny clear gel that goes on with no rinsing required. You apply a dime-sized amount of it from root to tip after rinsing out the shampoo and before applying the conditioner.

It also works like a primer – enhancing the volumizing effect and making it last for days. Mind you, it is not going to make your hair look like you just teased it like crazy but save you from that flat hair look without too much effort.

So if you have heard some raves about this line, you will hear them again here. Of course, hair products are just as personal as fragrances, but I hope you would give it a try if you are looking for volume.

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