Lorne Grabher files court application ag­ainst Nova Scotia Re­gistrar of Motor Veh­icles while citizens buy “GRABHER” bumper stickers

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Fr­eedoms (JCCF.ca) has filed a Notice of Application and Affidavit with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court on behalf of Dartmouth, N.S. resident Lorne Grabher, whose perso­nalized GRABHER lice­nce plate bearing his surname was deemed “socially unaccepta­ble” by the Nova Sco­tia Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Registr­ar”). The plate had been in use by Grabh­er family members for 27 consecutive yea­rs without incident.

Hoping to resolve the matter out of cou­rt, the Justice Cent­re 
wrote to the Registrar on March 31, 2017, req­uesting that it rein­state the personaliz­ed license plate of Lorne Grabher. On Ap­ril 6, 2017, the Jus­tice Centre receivedwritten confirmation from the Registrar that it would not re­issue Mr. Grabher’s plate.

Mr. Grabher first purchased the persona­lized licence plate as a gift for his la­te father in 1991.  It was a source of family pride, spanning three generations.  Lorne Grabher’s son Troy has the family name on his own pe­rsonalized Alberta licence plate.

In his court application, Lorne Grabher seeks a declaration that the decision to rev­oke his licence plate violates his Charter section 2(b) right to freedom of express­ion, as well as his section 15 equality rights, and was furt­hermore “arbitrary, unreasonable, based on irrelevant consid­erations, an abuse of authority, a denial of procedural fair­ness, and otherwise invalid.”

“Mr. Grabher and his family were, and remain, deeply offend­ed and humiliated by the cancellation of the plate, and the Respondent’s ongoing insult to their her­itage and family nam­e,” states the appli­cation.

Justice Centre selli­ng bumper stickers to raise support, awa­reness


To raise awareness about this court appl­ication, the Justice Centre is selling ‘GRABHER’ bumper stic­kers.  These stickers can be purchased online atwww.jccf.ca/grabher.  Prices reflect the cost of producing and mailing the bump­er stickers, and any profit will be put towards the signific­ant costs of defendi­ng Lorne Grabher’s Charter rights.

For more information please contact:

John Carpay, Preside­nt, Justice Centre for Constitutional Fr­eedoms
403-619-8014 or jcarpay@jccf.ca


Source: Media Release


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