Lots of Updates, and a Busy Saturday Coming.



Well, the Hamachi family has gotten a little smaller with the closure of Son Vida on Larry Uteck.

In Son Vida’s place is Butcher Block Pub and Eatery, pub food and pizza and they say they will do. Have delivery.

The Anchor, a live venue and gastro pub, is opening on Dutch Village Rd beside Mexico Lindo.

Joe Toulany Pizza and Lebanese Grill opening on Portland in the strip mall behind McDs

For Sale signs are up on the Yeh! at Pizza Corner, FroYo just doesn’t seem to work in Halifax.

Gund Designer Goldsmith will be moving from Robie at May to Kings Wharf in the coming months. That whole block is slated to flattened so Colonial Honda (recently bought by Steele) can have a giant parking lot

More changes in store for Dartmouth Crossing with a new unnamed hotel and  proposed apartments

Needs on Parkland has shuttered its doors.

Lemon Dogs will be operating a Lemonade/hotdog/ice cream canteen in Shubie Park’s Fairbanks Centre this summer

A fashion boutique, QTique has opened beside Boneheads at the start of Barrington St

The Indochine on Barrington has closed its doors, but the original South Park location remains.

Terrace, the new food court in Halifax Shopping Centre, opens on Wednesday

Island Greek did finally post that they would not be reopening

The Timber Lounge, North Ends axe throwing bar is now open

The Passage Cafe at King is now open between Queen and Ochterloney, only weekdays for now but will soon expand hours
Got a chance to revisit The Port, NSLC’s replacement to the Port of Wines, and it’s a beautiful store with way more wine and spirit options that were never available before. It’s now open Clyde at Birmingham

Had an opportunity to check out Eliot and Vine, which is now open on Cunard St, it’s a beautiful space, there are even som amazing spaces in the open kitchen. Also notable is a 1% charge on all bills to cover the cost of benefits for the employees, benefits are rare in the restaurant world.

I had a blog post earlier in the week on what to expect if you have never been to an IKEA before. Read it here

Freemans on Quinpool is now open 24h a day every day for the summer.

I also made a silly Dad joke and it became my most successful social media post yet.


Jane’s Walks are Saturday and Sunday http://janeswalk.org/canada/halifax/
There are few focused on the commercial/retail history for example one about Gottingen and one about Portland/Pleasant streets. The idea is to teach you about neighbourhoods through, history, society, architecture and urban planning.

Dartmouth Makers will have their Spring Pop-up Market on Saturday at The Parrish Hall of Christ Church on Ochterloney See all the details and vendors here https://www.facebook.com/events/1713655568846098/

Also, an event I help create, Open City will have it’s 5th annual day on Saturday.
It is great opportunity to visit and enjoy the great small business of the peninsula and DT Dartmouth, going through the list phrases like corn dogs, mac and cheese, 20% off, firing muskets, surprise, Curious George Party, breakfast calzone and carna asada all jump out at me.
Already 111 entries and the list will grow through the week

and if that wasn’t enough excitement for Saturday it’s also Free Comic Book Day and your favourite comic books shop.


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