Lots to Catch Up On

Birthdays, Ultrasounds, Reviews & Success Stories & Operation Beautiful Stuff!  It’s been an eventful week since my last post!

Birthday Milestone: I turn 30 the day after tomorrow.  Yes, I’m an April Fools Day baby!  I gotta say, it was really fun having your birthday on April Fools Day growing up.  It just seemed more special for some reason.  I think it had partly to do with it being a fun day at school and that my birthday usually fell around Easter time when Spring was starting to take some serious shape and you get fun Spring time Easter presents like skipping ropes and sneakers and candy.  Spring always represented a great time of year for all of those reasons.

Now, I’m 29 and turning 30.  I’ll stop yas all right there into thinking that this is one of those “Whoa is me” situations because to be quite honest, that’s one of my pet peeves!  If a person thinks that they are “old” when they are 30, then you have set yourself up for feeling “old” for your entire life!  Right?!  I have sooo much to look forward to this year and while one of them is turning a new “decade” old, the other is that I get to become a Mom!  I feel nothing but EXCITEMENT for this new stage in my life and I can’t express that quite enough.  I feel like I’ve done everything I had set myself to do up until this point and I’m ready to be a Mom and experience life in a whole new way.  There are days when tears come to my eyes just thinking about this baby and our new “family.”

Baby News: The husband and I had our detailed anatomy ultrasound last week and it was really incredible!  The little peanut was in there moving around like a little champ and we got to see his/her heart, brain, spine, organs, limbs, umbilical cord and even a clear view of a little tootsie!  I was exactly 21 weeks the day of the ultrasound and the technician told us that the baby was measuring 21 weeks and 1 day and weighed about 14 oz.  They don’t tell you any details usually, so I was surprised that she even told us that much.  I see my doctor again next week, so hopefully I’ll get the low down on all the details of the measurements and further reassurance that everything is A-OK.  It was great to hear that everything was normal on my maternal serum screenings and a healthy baby is really ALL that we could ask for.  Okay, I will stop with the cheese for a few minutes 😉

I’m feeling little peanut every day now and it’s like nothing else I could ever imagine. </cheese> 

So I wanted to thank you all again for all of your input and advice about the Baby Must Haves below and if you haven’t yet commented, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an email at ANY time with your thoughts and advice.  I just love hearing it and don’t feel like I’ve already heard it before, because I actually like it when I hear the same thing more than once because it shows me that it’s a shared opinion, so keep the advice coming!  There were soooo many great things that you’ve brought to my attention and I think I’ve decided not to get that crib/change table set that I pictured below.

Baby Gear Reviews: Speaking of baby furniture and gear, I am hoping to have the opportunity to review for you something of that nature and I couldn’t be more excited!  I will let you know the details of that when I know for sure 🙂

Prenatal Yoga Review: I ordered the second and third trimester yoga DVDs from Fit By Sarah and will let yas know what I think of that in the near future too.

Other Reviews: There will be another rather “unusual” review (for me) that I’ll be doing on the blog in the near future that doesn’t involve food or babies!  It’s only unusual because it’s not a normal subject matter for me on the blog, but if you like jewelry and accessories, you might be interested, so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Exciting Success Story News: I have been asked by Sparkpeople/Babyfit to be a success story for their website(s).  What an honour!! Babyfit is Sparkpeople for pregnant women.  I signed up for it when I was trying to become adjusted to my new calorie ranges and it’s a fantastic website and community for pregnant women with LOADS of information and tools.  I gotta tell yas, when I got the email from them, it touched me very much because it’s a difficult thing to wrap your head around when you are “gaining” weight, but are considered an inspiration to other pregnant moms.  I sometimes feel disappointed that my pregnancy weight gain is not going to fall in the range that it is “supposed” to be given my pre-pregnancy start weight, but I guess that’s also indicative of real life.

Operation Beautiful: My pregnancy OB Notes are up on the Operation Beautiful site.  If you haven’t yet checked out Operation Beautiful, I absolutely encourage you to do it and to participate!  It’s such an amazing feeling and a movement that is so incredibly important in my heart.

I saw my 13 year old cousin post a profile picture of herself on facebook and the caption read “…i may be annoying, and expecially i may be ugly..” Then this is the flow of comments that proceeded:

Commenter: i disagree with ur caption
Commenter: ur not ugly so dont think it
Cousin: yes i am ugly and i will think it……….and ________ part of it do you disagree with
Commenter: you are not ugly ok
Cousin: hahaha yeee i am…..thats why the guys i want…..dont want me
Commenter: Ur not ugly i am so dont think ur ugly 🙂
Cousin: i am so ugly because the guys i want dont want me I AM UGLYYYYY !!!!!
Commenter: no your not ugly. this pic is perdy of u, i like your make up 🙂
Cousin: ummm #1. i am ugly, #2. thanks
Commenter: no iam ugly
Commenter: NO YOUR NOT
Commenter: yes i am

Commenter: holly f**k ppl ok listen i am the ugly one here…….
Commenter: No ur not i am
Cousin: uhhh no i am ugly and alot of ppl think so …….so yee
Cousin: NO I AM UGLY and stop saying you are ok
Commenter: Im the uglyest person on earth so there
Cousin: oh no youre not….i am
Commenter: im ulgyer then u brooke..ur very pretty
Commenter:  u guys are both very pretty unlike me 🙁
Cousin: look im ugly so lets leave it at that…..ok
Commenter: No leave it that i am ugly
Cousin: NO untill someone else says im pretty then i say im ugly
Commenter: jezz…calm down…brooke ur pretty…there sumone said ur pretty so haha
Cousin: haha lol niceee……and i meant soeone who hasnt already said it in this comment….but i guess if were gonna argue over it…i guess i loseee :(…lol 🙂
Commenter: lol i kno u lose soo good
Cousin: hahah ok i give up….you iwn i lose
Commenter: lol
Cousin: lol
Commenter: yupp mhm
Cousin: uhuh
Commenter: I disagree with the ugly part >.>
Cousin: 🙂 i know ya doo 🙂 hehe

I can’t get this out of my head.  Someone on Twitter told me that that’s how teenagers talk to each other these days and I just can’t wrap my head around it.  I sent her an OB note and told her and her friends to check out the site.  Then I sent her a note in the mail.

This makes me a very concerned parent already! :-S

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