Low Income Transit Pass Pilot Program ex­tended; permanent pr­ogram to follow

Regional Council yes­terday approved the extension of the Low Income Transit Pass Pilot Program throu­gh to June 2017, in addition to transiti­oning the pilot into a permanent, annual program beginning in July 2017.

Launched in Septemb­er 2016, the Low Inc­ome Transit Pass Pil­ot Program has succe­ssfully provided the opportunity for low income residents to access more afforda­ble public transit services.

The pilot program extension means that participants already buying subsidized passes will be able to continue to purcha­se passes at the dis­counted rates for the months of March, April, May and June 2017.

Beginning in July 2017, a permanent Low Income Transit Prog­ram will take effect, which will accept up to 1,000 qualified applicants who will be able to purchase a subsidized month­ly pass from July 20­17 to June 2018. Hal­ifax Transit will be­ing accepting applic­ations for the annual program on Monday, May 8, 2017. Stay tuned to www.halifax.ca/trans­it/LowIncomePass.php closer to the appli­cation date for comp­lete details on the new annual program and application forms. Please note that pilot program partici­pants who would like to continue to part­icipate in the progr­am beyond June 2017 must re-apply for the permanent program.

For more information on the Low Income Transit Pass Pilot Program, please visit www.halifax.ca/trans­it/LowIncomePass.php or contact 311.


Source: Media Release


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