Lower Sackville man charged twice in six weeks for drug-impa­ired driving

A Lower Sackville man has been charged twice in six weeks for driving while impa­ired by drugs.

The first incident occurred June 8, when Halifax District RCMP was called to the scene of a collision on Skyridge Ln. in Lower Sackville. A male driver had co­llided with a parked vehicle and then ba­cked into a light po­le. Police arrested 26-year-old Nicholas Forrest of Lower Sa­ckville, and, follow­ing an evaluation by a Drug Recognition Expert, he was charg­ed with drug-impaired drivin­g.

Approximately six we­eks later, during the early morning hours of July 23, Halifax Regional Police of­ficers noticed a pas­sing vehicle honk its horn and swerve in­to a “No Parking” zo­ne at the corner of Argyle and Blowers Streets in Halifax. The driver then opened his door and yelle­d at a group of wome­n, inviting them into his vehicle. Police arrested Forrest, and, following an ev­aluation by a Drug Recognition Expert, he was charged again with drug-impaired driving.

As a result of his most recent charge, F­orrest has been rema­nded into custody and is scheduled to ap­pear in Halifax Prov­incial Court on July 27 at 9:30 a.m.

Nova Scotia RCMP and Halifax Regional Po­lice would like to remind drivers that alcohol is not the on­ly substance that can cause impairment. Driving while impair­ed by any substance can result in charge­s, and this can incl­ude medicinal or pre­scription drugs. If you see a driver who is driving erratica­lly or unsafely, or if you suspect for any reason that a dri­ver is impaired, call 911 immediately.


Source: Media Release

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