Lumsden Pond Beach Re-opened

The beach in Lumsden Pond Provincial Park near Wolfville has been re-opened after a two-week closure because of a blue-green algae bloom.

“Several inspections of the lake near the beach indicate the bloom is over,” said medical officer of health Dr.

Richard Gould. “As long as blue-green algae does not re-appear, the water is safe for swimming.”

Swimmers are reminded that blue-green algae blooms naturally occurring and may re-occur given the right conditions.

People should avoid contact with water where blue-green algae is visible. While the risk is low, toxins produced by some blue-green algae can affect health. People should not drink the water or use it to prepare or cook food, or to brush teeth. Boiling the water will not eliminate potential toxins.

People who have ingested water containing toxins from blue-green algae may experience stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Recreational use of the water, bathing and showering is also not advised. Direct contact with toxins from the algae can cause skin and eye irritation. If symptoms persist after a few days, consult a health care provider.

Pets and other animals should not be permitted to drink or swim in the water.

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