lunch and a prayer

This is Morris East. I have been wanting to visit for a while. It is a small place tucked away on a side street off Barrington. My neighbor and I have been trying to get out to lunch for weeks and finally we made it.

The food was really good. I had a sweet potato/squash soup and a toasted avacado, olive tapenade, roasted tomato and swiss cheese sandwich. Can you say yum? My lunch partner had one of their wonderous pizzas and it was AMAZING! Wood fired pear with maple aioli,blue cheese, roasted pork loin and charred onion. They are known for their Italian wood fired oven which was brought over from Europe. As much as I enjoyed my sandwich, next time I am trying one of their pizzas!

Sadly, our lunch concluded with the funeral of another neighbor from just down the street. A charming, sweet man who always had a cheery word and a smile for us. He was eighty years old and up until just a few weeks ago went every morning for a walk in Point Pleasant Park. I’ll miss him

Mary’s Cathedral Basilica. I took these after the service. I am not really a super religious person but I do love these sanctuaries of prayer. I have to say I am open and accepting of all forms of spiritual search. I do believe most religions inspire their followers towards the same goals of becoming kinder, more thoughtful, selfless individuals and I think there are many paths to get there. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. If everyone lived by this, just imagine……

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