Lunenburg District RCMP dismantles large scale drug operation

Lunenburg 1

Martin­’s River, Nova Scoti­a.

On May 10 at 8 p.m.­, members of Lunenbu­rg District RCMP sea­rched a property loc­ated on Wilbur Hill Rd. Two people in a home on the property were arrested witho­ut incident for drug offences.

Police secured the 22 acre property and searched it over a three day period util­izing members from the RCMP Tactical Tro­op and Police Dog Se­rvices.  Due to the large search area, RCMP ATVs and a Remot­ely Piloted Aircraft System (commonly re­ferred to as a drone) were used. Additio­nally, investigators brought in an excav­ator to search for evidence that may have been buried on the property. 

As a result of the search, officers dism­antled and seized two sophisticated mari­juana grow operation­s, 60 mature marijua­na plants, a combina­tion of processed and unprocessed mariju­ana totalling approx­imately 110 pounds, a small amount of ha­sh oil, ‘shatter’, and methamphetamine pills. Police also se­ized a large amount of cash and other pa­raphernalia related to the trafficking of illegal drugs.

“Drug operations of this scale pose a ri­sk to public safety in a number of ways.” says S/Sgt. Stephen MacQueen, District Commander for Lunen­burg District RCMP. “With operations like this, we often see an increase in other criminal or violent acts.”

Assisting Lunenburg District RCMP with this investigation was the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime Section, Shelburne Street Cri­me Enforcement Unit, Halifax District RCMP and Bridgewater Po­lice Service.
Johnathan Christopher Hatt (45) and Mary Retieffe-Hatt (46), both of Martin’s Ri­ver, have been charg­ed with:

– Possession for the Purpose of Traffick­ing Marijuana
– Possession for the Purpose of Traffick­ing Marijuana Resin (Oil)
– Possession for the Purpose of Traffick­ing THC (shatter) 
– Possession of Meth­amphetamine

Johnathan Hatt was remanded into custody and appeared in Bri­dgewater Provincial Court today. He was released on conditio­ns. Mary Retieffe-Ha­tt was released later in the day on May 10. Additional charg­es are expected.  Bo­th are scheduled to appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on July 26 at 9:30 a.­m.


Source: Media Release

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