Lush Charity Pot

Last weekend when I was in the mall, I did step in Lush to check out their Valentine’s items. Didn’t see anything I want. Christmas was way too big of an occasion for them that any other holidays seem too small to have a good collection out 🙂

I went there also for a hand massage as part of the event they had in store that day, and I had a nice time. The girl was using some of the products on me that I have been curious about. She used Flying Fox Shower Gel as a hand wash/ massage gel (it smelled heavenly, relaxed me right on the spot), then rubbed Soft Coeur on my arms. Squirt wanted to try too, as it was in a heart shape and smelled like chocolate, lol. Surprisingly the 2 scents didn’t crash but complimented each other quite well. To finish off, she offered me some lip balm and dabbed Honey, I washed the kids Solid Perfume on my wrists. This stuff was great, the scent wasn’t too strong and I could sense the scent when I happened to move my hand somewhere near my nose.

Then I was given a few ballots to enter into their draw. And I did end up winning a product, how lucky 🙂

I won a Charity Pot Luscious Hand and Body Lotion. I was thinking of my poor skin that suffers quite a bit this winter and a moisturizer is always appreciated.

It is a big container (225gr/ 7.9oz), retails for CAD19.95, described as having “cocoa butter and almon oil with a scent that makes life worth living”. I thought it must be nice, but… no, it didn’t smell as good as it sounded. It reminded me of the smell of a forgotten/ old lip balm 🙁 It absorbed ok, not leaving my skin feeling oily or anything, but I think this is going to be a leg moisturizer for me, as it’s the furthest body part from the nose, lol. Then they both can be happy.

I do like the idea of Lush supporting charity by donating 100% proceeds of Charity Pots sale to good cause and offering a free fresh face masks when people bring back 5 of these (empty) black containers. However, they gotta do something to make this moisturizer smell better in order for me to like it.

Anybody that has this moisturizer and likes the scent of it?

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