luxe for less

My friend Ellen has just moved into a new place and wants to give her living space a luxury look, without the expense.

Here’s my advice on new paint colors, along with a few other tips and ideas, that will help give her this look.

Greys and lavenders lend themselves beautifully to a luxury look. A smoky lavender is calming, sultry and elegant. A grey that’s not too blue, not too green and not too brown is a classic color that works perfectly with many shades of purples – and especially lavenders.

Here are two color options:

Option 1 – Benjamin Moore
Coventry Grey (HC169)
Amorous (AF600)

Option 2 – Debbie Travis Paints
Amethyst Hour (CM29H)
Castle Stone (N26A)

Mousey grey with splashes of lilac come together for a look that’s got that luxury feel, while being very hip.

Ellen’s soft grey couch will work perfectly with this color scheme. I recommend she sort through her accessories and choose accessories made of clear glass and solid white to pull the look together. Accessories with hammered silver finishes will also add to the glam.

A touch of black is key to ground this look and will also add some depth to the design. Adding a well placed accessory with a sharp graphic element will make sure your room has a modern feel. Use ornate, textural and glamorous elements to give you the luxurious styling you are going for.

Once you’ve got all that in your new deluxe room, make sure to add in another pop of color in small doses – show off that personality! Perhaps a little lime green??

Good luck….and be sure to send me a couple of pics of the finished room!

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