MacKay Bridge to close at 9 pm: Macdonald to remain open as long as weather permits

Halifax Harbour Bridges will close the A. Murray MacKay Bridge this evening before the devastating rain and winds associated with Hurricane Fiona reach their peak.

“Given the predicted rain and the winds associated with the storm, Halifax Harbour Bridges will close the A. Murray MacKay Bridge – and the associated Victoria Road Interchange – on a proactive basis at 9 pm.,” said HHB CEO Tony Wright. “This is an unprecedented weather event and the deeper we get into the storm, the harder it will be to close the bridge safely.”

As a result of geography, winds on the MacKay Bridge are usually 20-30 km/h stronger than on the nearby Angus L Macdonald Bridge. With more access points, it is also more difficult to close.

Recognizing the bridges are an integral part of the local transportation network, the Macdonald Bridge will remain open after 9 p.m. and will only close if wind and rain make crossing unsafe.

“We will make every effort to reopen from any closure as quickly as possible once the severe weather has passed and the bridges have been inspected to ensure there has been no damage,” said Wright.

Updates will be posted on the hhb website and on social media.

Source: Release

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