Mad Reds and the Art of Fashion

Viktor and Rolf deliver drama, anger, and intensity with their Fall/ Winter 2011 Collection. The models appear to have the “mad reds”, as Holly Golightly would say. Watching this gave me goosebumps like I was watching something straight out of a horror film. I have to wonder the inspiration behind this collection. 

What are you reactions to this collection blog reader?

Photo Cred: Influence & Stardoll

Clothing is not just meant to be worn, it is meant to be seen. I think people are confused about fashion. This might be a bold statement, but I honestly feel this way. Fashion shouldn’t just be pieces of fabric that are designed to hide your body, although some people may choose clothing pieces for that option. Fashion should be exciting, like when you were a little kid clogging around in your mother’s high heeled shoes. Remember that?

After spending time in New York I’ve come to see fashion as art. So often people watch fashion shows or see things on magazine covers and they don’t get it. Typically their argument is the same:  “it’s not like you can wear it in real life”. Well I say, that’s not the point! Although a lot of designers are moving towards ready to wear “off-the-runway-clothing”; I still love the drama that comes with couture collections. Couture is art, and sure you can’t wear a dress made of flowers to work at the office, but can’t you appreciate the creativity in seeing a dress made of flowers coming to life?

Photo Cred: The Vancouver Sun

In Halifax where I am currently living I can honestly say that collectively I don’t think we are very adventurous in our clothing choices. I don’t mean to throw you under the bus, but after being in New York and California I think all the beautiful people in the world must have flocked there. This doesn’t have to be the case; I challenge you, Halifax to take risks, and wear something other than jeans and t-shirt. Personally I think it is a bit sad, I know we want to comfortable, but what ever happened to the fun in getting dressed up?

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