Madison Violet : Lift the Wind house concert series

Madison Violet : Lift the Wind house concert series

Madison Violet : Lift the Wind house concert series

Finally after 6 years I had the opportunity to just sit and watch Madison Violet perform.

The very lovely and talented Brenley and Lisa graced the stage of Ceilidh for Critters at both our inaugural and sophomore years. Since I’m the event coordinator for that event, there is absolutely no sitting down and watching the shows. And naturally our audience loved them, and I was jealous that I didn’t get to enjoy their wonderful music. So getting to see the girls perform at a house concert was delightful. My favorite way to see a show…

I’m very pleased with the direction that the girls have taken their music in with their new album, No Fool for Trying, as it’s become a lot more about roots. The beautiful harmonies are still there as always, but the music is less glossy these days. The polish is still present, as these girls are totally professional and cut their teeth touring and recording much earlier in their careers. But there is a deeper sense of honesty in the presentation and instrumentation now. The lyrics have of course also deepened in maturity, a natural progression we fans always enjoy. The girls have documented seasons of change, reasons to celebrate, and events to mourn.

It’s a gorgeous album. If you’re just tuning into to Madison Violet, there has never been a better time. They have shed layers, and emerged lighter. The music was always good, it’s just better now.

To the girls, it was a pleasure to see you as always. I can’t wait to see where this year takes you.

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