Make Any Room Feel Bigger with These Simple Tips

Have you ever stepped into a room that just felt small? Regardless of its real world size, you felt cramped and cornered in the room, as if you were in an elevator. The perceived size of a room does depend on the actual size of a room – that’s a given – but it also has much to do with how the space is utilized.

Cramped, dark, windowless interiors tend to be perceived as smaller than they actually are, and can contribute to that claustrophobic feeling outlined above. If there’s a room in your home that feels small, consider following these simple tips to open the place up a bit!

De-Clutter and Use Hidden Storage

A cluttered room feels smaller. With more objects populating a space, there is less room to move around, less depth and more surface area. The first thing you can do, therefore, to make a room feel bigger is be discriminating with its contents. Do you really need that stack of old magazines, that dusty old guitar case or that row of statues you brought back from Mexico ten years ago? Probably not.

For necessary items, find multipurpose storage items. Use a decorative basket to keep your smaller electronic items like chargers. Use a nice, teak bureau to house your books, papers or even linens. You can even find stools that open up for storage space.

Allow Plenty of Natural Light

Let there be light! Dark or dingy rooms tend to feel smaller because they don’t convey the space’s depth as well. When a room is bountifully lit with natural light, it feels airy and spacy, especially if the room is painted and decorated with light colours, which have a greater reflective quality.

 If your room is poorly lit, consider installing new windows. Bay windows, especially, let in an abundance of light, given that they protrude and contain angled portions. Bay windows also make a room feel bigger by literally opening up the space of the room: since bay windows protrude, they allow for more interior space.

You can find locally handcrafted bay windows at this window and door company in Kitchener – perfect for opening up a room.

Think Proportionally

It’s a matter of perspective. The larger your furniture and appliances are, the smaller the space will feel. You have to choose your furniture proportional to the size of the room. If it’s a very small room, go for a few low-to-the-ground, minimalist pieces.

Take a Long Look in the Mirror

It’s no secret that mirrors increase the perceived size of a space. It’s an optical trick used in commercial spaces all the time. You can use a couple accent mirrors to make a room in your home feel bigger, but don’t go overboard. Too many mirrors can detract from the natural texture and structure of a space.

By clearing the space and manipulating natural light, perspective and reflection, you can make any room in your home feel bigger. Give it a try today!

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