Make Up Forever HD Foundation: A Review

Today I am giving you the low down on some products from Make Up Forever. If you’re in the market for some new make up keep reading to learn my thoughts about Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation and Velvet Finish Compact Powder…
Make Up Forever HD Foundation: A Review

Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation
Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation is an oil-free “medium-to-full-coverage” liquid foundation that  is designed to cover skin imperfections while “remaining invisible on-screen and in real life”.

Make Up Forever suggests that what’s different about this foundation is that it “creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight”. For anyone getting their photo taken (ahem fashion bloggers) this one really is a win because it leaves a nice finish, and is designed to be able to withstand bright or harsh lighting (win).

Make Up Forever Velvet Finish Compact Powder
Make Up Forever suggests that the “Velvet Finish is a light and sheer compact powder that makes the skin velvety and evens out the complexion naturally, without drying. Velvet Finish has a particularly soft and comfortable texture”.

The product is meant to be applied over the HD Foundation to help set and matify the make up. The velvet finish powder can also be used on bare skin to allow for the sheer powder to “enhance the natural complexion”. 

I recently gave these two products a go, and I have to say that I really really like the HD Foundation! Normally I am a Lancome girl, as I have been using only Lancome products for years, and so I’m quite acustomed to my make up looking a certian way. But I think it is always good to broaden your horizens and so I vowed to be open minded and at least give these products a try!

I am happy to report that I really liked the foundation, for someone with problem skin, and uneven skin tone I ceritainly benefit from a little coverage especially when I am getting my photo taken. The foundation goes on smooth, and actually a little goes a long way so the product will last you quite a while. It absorbs quickly into the skin, and doesn’t make me look like a pancake face. It’s not greasy or oily by any stretch which is perfect for me because I have oily/acne prone skin. Overall I’ve been using this makeup for about a month now, and I am very happy with the results.

The powder on the other hand is slightly heavier than I would normally prefer for everyday, but for times when it’s very humid out and/or if you need to go to a special event, I think this compact would be perfect. I would probably make this my spring/summer compact rather than a winter one, as right now my skin is extremely dry and once applied it just looks a little bit too much like I am wearing makeup (not exactly my goal). 
The issue could also be with me and not the makeup at all because that the color doesn’t completely match my skin tone. When I was being matched at Sephora the make up artist suggested that the color was slightly more pink than my actual skin color, but the other ones were too dark, so maybe that’s why I am noticing it more on my skin? For things like photo shoots or events, it’s great, but as far as every day it’s just a bit too heavy for me.

Hope this was helpful!
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