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A few days ago, Emily, one of my readers, posted a question on this blog regarding choosing a makeup brush set. I figure it could be helpful to answer her question in a post, so others might reference as well.

As you probably know already, brushes provides better and precise makeup application, not mentioning sanitary reason for not having to dip your fingers in the pots. The recommendations below are mostly from my personal experience (with links to posts on this blog where I mentioned them), not an exclusive list by any chance. And there is no paid compensation for this post.

1. Quo Cosmetics – Shoppers’ house brand.
Quo made good brushes. I had my set about 2 years ago and the brushes were wonderful, soft and effective. Retail price is in medium range, however, Shoppers often has 40% off sale on Quo brushes.

I heard somehow Quo brushes are recently no longer as good as they should be. Please make sure to test them out before buying – the MA normally has a bunch of brushes at her makeup corner.

And right now might be a good time to buy a Quo brush set, as the entire Quo holiday collection is 40% off. The Master Brush set (in the picture, reg. CAD60) is now CAD36, not a bad price.

Based on Shoppers’ holiday catalogue, Quo also had a Professinal Backstage Brush set (8 brushes, reg. CAD100), Precious Tools Brush collection (5 brushes, CAD22), came in wrap studded wallets. I personally haven’t seen them in stores after New Year, don’t know whether Shoppers still have them.

2. elf

elf has been very well known in the beauty industry for the remarkbly cheap but good brushes. Staring out with the regular line ($1/ brush) and now moving up to the Studio line ($3/ brush), the brushes are well loved by whoever tried them. Obviously, cheap price tag doesn’t equal crappy quality, in this case.

I’m not kidding. I love all the ones I got. It was a 75% off sale, so my Studio brushes only cost me $.75, which was more than awesome. The Flat top Powder brush is a dream to apply power/ mineral foundation, even blush when I’m lazy. And the eyeshadow C brushes are great to pack in colours on the lids.

The only thing that sucks is elf charges extra $8 for Canadian online orders on top of $7 shipping. But you can find elf in stores now, Zellers and sometimes Winners, save yourself the hefty extra charges.

3. EcoTools.
Again, another well known brand, I guess I wouldn’t need to say much. I got my Bamboo 5-piece brush set from the US a while back, but EcoTools is now widely available in Canada – Walmart, Superstore, Winners, etc. We do have to pay more compared to ladies in the US, but at least we have access to them now.

4. Loew-Cornell painting brushes
I don’t have a post about these, but they are staples in my routine. I use them everyday. Check out Encore’s video to see what I mean.

So head out to Michaels to check them out. They often send out coupons via email (so you have to register online for that) for 40% one item, or sometimes the brushes go on sale. The must-have is the Loew Cornell 3/8″ Maxine’s Mop brush as eyeshadow brush, dupe of MAC 239 🙂

And last but not least, IMATS is a very good place to shop for brushes. Different brands will be there with every brush they make under the sun, and great “show specials”. Even if you have to pay full price there, you already save on shipping while being able to touch and feel the brushes before buying. I found individual brushes for different uses, brush full sets/ travel sets, brush rolls, etc. from Auraline, Crown Brush, Royal Brush. Too many pictures to repost, so check my post (link above) for details.

Other brands that are worth mentioning:
Sigma – MAC-quality brushes with a fraction of the price
Lumiere, great Pre-buy brush offers – buying brushes at wholesale price
Adorned With Grace for MAC 187/ 188 dupes, good quality, better price
The Body Shop – the brushes are a bit pricey but you can always wait for a 3 for $30 sale, or buy them in a holiday kit
Annabelle for their Pro makeup brushes
Sarah Ashton
– Posh brushes, not available around here where I live. Wait for special sales at Rexall to buy 🙂
– Gosh brushes. I’m not sure all Shoppers have the brushes, I haven’t really looked.
– Joe Fresh (Superstore’s home brand)
– Coastal Scent – good brushes but high shipping cost
– Sephora brushes
– Cosco has some brush sets as well
Sonia Kashuk or Essence of Beauty if you go to the States or have a friend who can do a CP for you, and
– MAC, if you feel like shopping there 🙂

If you have other suggestions for Emily, feel free to share. Greatly appreciate it!

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