Makeup Mix Shop haul

Yes, I have a little haul. Back in the end of January, The Makeup Mix Shop had a sale to clear out some old stocks, so I jumped on it to get a few things. I like the option of shopping different brands all in one place, with great prices 🙂

The order arrived a while back, I just didn’t get a chance to blog about it. So, I got:

– Elf Blending eye brush. I’ve owned a few Studio line brushes, but this is my first brush from the regular line. And I can’t never have enough shadow brushes, lol.
– 3-in-1 pencil sharpener. This was meant for all my lovely NYX jumbo pencils but didn’t fit unfortunately. I need to find a bigger one now.
– 2 LA Colors 3-D nail stickers. I thought stickers would be a good start before jumping on the konad wagon.

I also got 3 nail polishes:
– LA Girl Alpine Green matte
– Jesse’s Girl Confetti and
– LA Colors Green Satin.

Can’t wait to try these colours out. I have been more into nail polishes than makeup lately, don’t know why.

On that note, Toma does have some great makeup brands on her site. I picked Amuse to try out this time.

This is a pink palette that comes with 20 shadows (fun colours), 2 blushes and 1 powder. The box that it comes in is also pink, very girly (I put the box there to cover the mirror, avoiding the flash). The colours/ shades printed on the box image, however, is different from those inside the palette, kinda interesting 🙂

The 4th round slot in the palette (bottom right) actually houses a thin sponge, not a powder, and there are a dual sponge tip applicator and a tiny brush at the bottom. I haven’t got around to swatch the colours yet but might give it to my sis to play around with. Do you like this brand? If you have tried it before, what do you think about the quality?

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