Malarky wins 2012 Amazon Canadian First Novel Award

2012 Amazon First Novel Award has been given to Vancouver’s Anakana Schofield’s novel Malarky: a novel in episodes. (M)

“Our Woman will not be sunk by what life’s about to serve her.

She’s caught her son doing unmentionable things out by the barn. She’s been accosted by Red the Twit, who claims to have done things with Our Woman’s husband that could frankly have gone without mentioning. And now her son’s gone and joined the army, and Our Woman has found a young fella to do unmentionable things with herself, just so she might understand it all… Malarky is the story of an Irish mother forced to look grief in the eye, and of a wife come face-to-face with the mad agony of longing. Comic, moving, eccentric, and spare, Anakana Schofield’s debut novel introduces a brilliant new voice in contemporary fiction.” publisher

Schofield’s novel was amongst other fine nominees including:

Y by Marjorie Celona (M)

The Rest is Silence
by Scott Fotheringham (M)

People Park by Pasha Malla (M)

Ru by Kim Thuy (M)

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