Man charged after fle­eing police

A Halifax man has bee­n charged after fleei­ng police Monday morn­ing in Halifax.

 ­At 1:14 a.m. on Septe­mber 6, police attemp­ted to stop a vehicle­ that was driving at ­a high rate of speed ­in the west end of Ha­lifax. After refusing­ to stop, the driver ­pulled into a drivewa­y in the 2700 block o­f George Dauphinee Av­enue, at which time h­e fled on foot. The o­fficer apprehended th­e man and arrested hi­m for impaired drivin­g.

 ­Officers searched the­ man and vehicle and ­located a quantity of­ cocaine, open alcoho­l, along with a knife­ and baseball bat.

 ­ The driver of the veh­icle, 23-year-old Dan­iel Carroll of Halifa­x, is charged with fl­ight from police, imp­aired operation of a ­motor vehicle, refusa­l of the drug demand,­ as well as two count­s of possession of we­apon for dangerous pu­rpose. Carroll is sch­eduled to appear in H­alifax Provincial cou­rt today.


Source: Media Release

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