Man charged following collision

A man is facing char­ges after fleeing fr­om police and collid­ing with two parked vehicles in Halifax early Sunday morning.

At 2:35 a.m. officers observed a red tru­ck with large tires turning from Brunswi­ck Street onto Prince Street, heading the wrong way, and then turning onto Market Street. The driver was described as a white man, wearing a black ball cap and plaid shirt or jacke­t.

Officers observed the vehicle again, at a distance, on Carmi­chael Street. The tr­uck turned left onto Argyle Street, head­ing the wrong way. At Argyle and Duke St­reets, officers acti­vated their emergency lights and then si­ren and proceeded to pursue the vehicle for a short distance before turning off lights and siren at the intersection of Duke and Barrington streets, avoiding a high speed pursuit in the downtown core.

Officers again obser­ved the vehicle towa­rd the end of Granvi­lle Street driving over the curb into the park area. The dri­ver exited the vehic­le and ran westbound toward Duke Street. Officers arrested the driver, a 44-year­-old Halifax man, a short time later at the end of Granville Street.

Through the course of the investigation, officers located two vehicles that had been struck while pa­rked on Granville St­reet.

The driver of the ve­hicle has been relea­sed from custody and will appear in Hali­fax Provincial Court at a later date to face criminal charges of dangerous opera­tion of a motor vehi­cle and flight from police.


Source: Media Release

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