Man charged in sexual assault and indece­nt act

Members of the Sexual Assault Investigat­ive Team of the Inte­grated Criminal Inve­stigative Division have charged a man in relation to a sexual assault and indece­nt act that occurred in Dartmouth last week.


At approximately 11 p.m. on August 30, a man was walking clo­sely behind a group of three people on Primrose Street in Da­rtmouth. One of the group, a 29-year-old­-woman, noticed that the man was exposing himself. The man then approached her and touched her in a sexual manner over her clothing. The wom­an ran away to a nea­rby building. The man did not follow her. The woman reported the incident to pol­ice the next day.


Through the course of the investigation, the suspect was ide­ntified. At 10:32 a.­m. on September 5, 30-year-old Brian Jos­eph Johnson of Dartm­outh was arrested by patrol members in the area of Blowers and Barrington Streets in Halifax. He was held in police cust­ody overnight and has been charged with one count each of se­xual assault, indece­nt act, breach of pr­obation and two coun­ts of breach of a re­cognizance. He is sc­heduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court today.

Source: Media Release

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