Marc Jacobs Lightshow powder

A quick post today guys, as work is getting crazy a week before my vacation. Isn’t it always the case? 🙂

Another Marc Jacobs holiday item to accompany the Showstopper collection, this is the Lightshow luminizing powder in 302 Close-Up.

Inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2013 runway show, the compact offers that feeling of luxury once again – the cute little pouch that snaps shut to protect the sleek black compact inside, no accidental slip-out.

And it’s even more beautiful under the lid. Look at that!

The weaving pattern is breath taking, shows off a blend of 3 colours – a white, a light gold and a tan.

Marc Jacobs says they are luminous and complexion brightening shades, making the powder multi-dimensional. It does give off that look in the pan, but I can’t say it is in fact brightening my complexion without a good amount of that white shade.

The gold shimmers are only on the surface but it would take a while to make them disappear with wear, unless you are willing to wipe them all off at once.

Another claim is the powder has a creamy texture that creates velvet finish and long wear. I do enjoy the finish it gives but the effect is almost visible that it is not easy to tell.

Swatches, done after a few uses of the powder (i.e. the shimmers are still prominent). Not that you can tell, but at the top is the swatch of the powder when I swirl a blush brush around catching all shades.

In the middle is the white side and at the bottom is the gold and tan side of the compact (they are quite close in colours).

All you (and I) can see is the gold glitters all over, not much of a colour payoff. I am aware that I could get the gold and tan shades show up more by using a dense brush, but as I intend to use them as bronzer/ highlighter, a fluffy brush is what I am using.

So, unfortunately, for me, this powder would not be luminizing enough until all that shimmers at the top wear off. And even then, I still wish for more pigmentation and effect that it gives. Once again, the high price tag $71 (for 0.38oz) is not worth it.

In case you want to give this powder a try, it is Limited Edition, might be gone from Sephora soon 🙂

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