March Madness – 2015 Version

Another day, another snow storm. Why do I live in Eastern Canada? Honestly, I’m questioning why we live in a climate where the air hurts your face for almost six months of the year.

On top of that, it’s March Break. For us that means hockey and a trip to Cape Breton. Only, hockey is postponed tomorrow and that puts the trip to Cape Breton in jeopardy. My girls and their dad were going to Cape Breton for two days and I was going to stay here to work and look after the dog.

Then came SNOW. Lots of snow.


March Break was already stressing me out because we didn’t have much planned for the beginning of the week besides hockey and pj days. No exciting plans… I’m saving that for April. Two weeks in Florida… that’ll make up for a quiet March Break, right?

These plans are ALL subject to change though. It’s going to snow. Again. A-freaking-GAIN!

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. I’m so over it.

We have several lone mittens.

Boots are worn out.

I can’t even find my fave gloves anymore and I just don’t care.

I think tomorrow I’ll just boil the kettle and throw it out the door to see if it melts the snow.

I have snow rage. I worry for those around me.

Don’t worry, I’m fine… I have wine.

But in the wise words of my friend Ali, at this point of winter, I need tequila and cheezits.

Pray for us.

And send wine, always send wine.

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