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Mary Brown’s: A Tale of 2 Provinces

The first (and maybe only) post of HalifaxReTales “Science

I have heard Newfoundlanders often say that Mary Brown’s is better at home. A friend also mentioned he was sure the serving sizes were bigger in NL. So being an interprovincial jet setter, I decided to put that to the test.
MB tweet

The Order:
Big Mary Meal: A Big Mary Chicken Sandwich, Small Taters, Coleslaw and a Pepsi

The Locations: 571 Torbay Rd. St. John’s  and 50 Tacoma Dr. Dartmouth

Item NS NL More More
Sm. Taters 228g 273g NL 20%
Big Mary 236g 301g NL 28%
Cole Slaw 93g 88g NS 5%
Price $9.65 $10.49 NL 9%

So it’s cheaper in NS but you get less.The other Part of the question was does it taste better and I would have to say in Newfoundland it is way better. The Big Mary was juicer and way more flavourful and tasted like it was freshly battered the NS one much denser like a frozen one. The taters as well in NL were way fluffier and had way more flavour.
Truth be told I though the Dartmouth ones would taste better as I was famished when I went. The NL was way better.

BigMary Taters

The Proof


While this is only one test result and not real science, it does show there is significant merit to the theory. Yes it’s more in NL but worth every penny!

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