I never was one to purchase professional hair care products. I almost exclusively used to buy whatever was on sale, and usually under the $5 mark. However there is something to be said about having a great foundation and I really think it has a lot to do with what you use to cleanse your hair.

I don’t know about you blog reader, but I can really notice the difference between shampoos, and for whatever reason some of them just do not work with my hair. Especially now that I color my hair I find it‘s much more dry, and I do need something to help add nutrients and moisture back into it (especially at the ends).

After showering and styling my hair for a couple weeks with the Matrix products I really did notice my hair felt and looked great. When it comes to hair care products I’m pretty adamant about using something that protects my hair or helps to preserve color which is mostly because I’m super lazy and only color it a couple times a year.

Having received these products and knowing that they were specifically designed for color treated hair I was pretty excited to give them a go. I’ve been using the products exclusively for a couple of weeks, as to become very familiar and to also see how they perform over an extended period of time. I think it’s easy to think you love something the first try, but it’s the long term use that really tells you about the product.

While it’s difficult to note a significant difference in color I would absolutely notice if my hair color got worse, or faded, or I was experiencing breakage. However, no change is sometimes better. Like I said I only color my hair a couple times a year, and I don’t cut it that often either mostly because I probably don’t slow down long enough to actually book an appointment. Thus, having a hair products that prolongs both a cut and color as long as possible are a MUST for me.  

I’m happy to report that I did enjoy the Matrix products, and my hair looked and felt great! My hair felt clean, healthy, and shiny! What more could you ask for right? Also it’s nice to know these products are in the mid range in terms of price, so not as cheapie as my old $ 2.50 hair products from university, but also in a decent sweet spot that they wont sink you either (which at this time of year can be important). 

Hope you found this review helpful. To learn more about these products be sure to check out the Matrix Canada site, or click here. Be sure to stay tuned for some great his and hers gift guides coming soon.

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