May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

All road users are asked to be aware of an increase in motorcyclists, as more than 27,000 registered riders begin hitting the road in May, which is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Safety Services Nova Scotia want Nova Scotians to be safe when sharing the road.

“We want to ensure everyone makes it to their destination safely,” said Ed Snow, motorcycle training manager, Safety Services Nova Scotia. “Motorcyclists know they need to be on alert, and drivers are asked to watch their blind spots, be mindful of motorcyclists in the lane next to them while making turns and check their mirrors for motorcyclists before changing lanes.”

In addition to awareness, skills training is also crucial for motorcyclists — something Safety Services Nova Scotia teaches in its various motorcycle training courses.

“Past students constantly tell us about the close calls they’ve encountered,” said Mr. Snow. “The only thing they say saved them is the training they received.”

Safety Services Nova Scotia taught 1,645 students in 2016 and expects even more this year as awareness of motorcycle safety grows in Nova Scotia.

Motorcyclists generally ride from May to October. When compared to all motor vehicle fatalities during the same time, motorcyclists are five to six times more likely than people in other vehicles to have a fatal collision.

“At the end of the day we all want to have a great time riding, but we want to come home to our families,” said Mr. Snow. “That’s why we do what we do.”

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