May vehicle/pedestrian collision stats

As part of our continued focus on pedestrian safety, Halifax Regional Police and Halifax District RCMP have committed to releasing a monthly vehicle/pedestrian collision report to provide police and citizens with more contextual information on this issue.

During the month of May, there were 9 vehicle/pedestrian collisions in Halifax. Month over month, this represents a slight decrease (-2 incidents) from the 11 incidents reported in April 2016. Year over year, there was a slight increase (+2 incidents) from the 7 incidents reported in May 2015. There is no change in the number of incidents (72 incidents) when comparing the period January 1-May 31, 2016 to the same period in 2015.

For the period January 1-May 31, 2016, 54 per cent (39 incidents) of vehicle/pedestrian collisions occurred in crosswalks. Of the 74 pedestrians involved:

·        14 reported no injury

·        35 experienced minor injuries

·        11 experienced moderate injuries

·        2 experienced severe injuries

·        12 did not report their injuries to police

The full monthly report is available online at:


Source: Media Release

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