Maybelline Color Whispers

Another line from Maybelline, the Color Whisper lipsticks, also created quite a stir in the drugstore scene lately. The secret is pure see-through color pigments being suspended in a light weight gel, with no heavy waxes or oils.
The result is soft colors with a hint of shine, embracing the sheer lipstick trend. Note that certain shades do have pretty good colour payoff when built up. The lipsticks are smooth, glide on easily and feel comfortable on the lips. I found the texture resembles Revlon lip butters.
With these Color Whispers, the plastic lid colours do give an indication of the colours inside. I also prefer the thinner tube and the Whisper cursive writing on the packaging, make them stand out on the shelves.

With this line, we get full 20 shades as in the US. I bought Pin Up Peach and Who Wore It Red-er from Shoppers’ BOGO sale and was sent Faint for Fuchsia and Berry Ready for review. Only 4 to swatch this time 🙂
I opted for bright and pigmented colours again, tried to stay away from nude shades as I know they would not show up on my lips, especially when these Whispers are meant to be sheer. I apologize if you are looking for those nude shade swatches.
Let’s see some colours, first with flash.

Pin Up Peach, to me, is nude enough. True to the name, it is a sheer light peach, give my lips just a light wash of colour when I’m not looking for a bold look.
Who Wore It Red-er swatches more dark pink than red but pigmentation is good. A great shade for a night out, I’d say.
Faint for Fuchsia is pretty faint (lol), a light pink. I used it alternatively with Pin Up Peach.
And Berry Ready, I don’t know if I need to say anything else, based on how it looks in swatches.

Without flash, the colours look more toned down, so do explore with colours in this line. They aren’t as scary as they look 🙂
I am so happy with these lipsticks in the four shades I got. touch ups during the day are easy with these, with the lighter colours, you don’t even need a mirror. I know I will rotate these at work very often.
The Color Whispers retails around $10 at drugstores. Have you found your favorite colour(s) yet?


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