Maybelline Dare to go Nude

Remember I mentioned a few weeks back that the Maybelline Dare to go Nude (LE) collection will be available in Canada mid March?

Well, it has been confirmed that the official date is tomorrow, March 11 🙂 As I mentioned, not all items in the US release will make it to us, but I haven’t been able to confirm which ones will.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

There are only 2 items that I want from the collection, as you all know I don’t do too well with nude shades. To avoid the risk of not being able to find them here, I asked for a CP from my friend in the US.

I haven’t indulged in any Master Glaze blush sticks from the core line, so I picked the less nude between the 2 shades in this LE collection: Barely Pink. It is so beautiful, a peachy pink nude that I don’t think I have in the stash.

Among the 6 Color Tattoos, I only wanted one – Stroke of Midnight, the black! Not to say that the other 5 aren’t worth getting (cause they are) but I always wanted a black Color Tattoo. As you might have heard, it is not a matte pigmented black but a sheer black with sparse silver fine glitters. Intrigued?

Swatches in different lighting for you:

On my skin tone, Barely Pink is indeed a barely there type of colour, just to give you a subtle hint of peachy sheen on the cheeks. The stick is creamy but not crumbly to the touch. Totally love it!

Stroke of Midnight is equally beautiful on the lids. However, it goes on sheer and is not as smooth as other Color Tattoos, works best as a base in the crease or close to the lash line only (not all over lids) to intensify your smoky eyes. The glitters are not very visible on and do not shine through your eyeshadows.

Overall, I am happy with these two items for the purposes they work well for. For the rest of the collection, I have to swatch the Master Hi-lighting blushes and the eyeshadow quads when/if we get them and probably skip the In The Buffs lipsticks, Elixir nude shades and the Color Show nude nail polishes. What are you going to hunt for?

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