Maybelline Dream makeup

This duo of products have been my good friend for a series of looks – one new, one not so new, but they share something in common (the texture), so I thought they could share a post too.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Plum Wine, not new 🙂 This is a gel-to-powder blush, is lightweight like a powder but melts into the skin like a cream. Meant to be a sheer wash of long-lasting color for your cheeks, especially when using a blush brush.
The new product is Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer in Buff. It is a gel based concealer that diffuses light to highlight and conceal. The brush applicator works well in distributing the product to areas under the eyes and near the inner corners.
Here are how the products look like inside the packaging.

The blush is bouncy, literally. The colour is totally season appropriate, not as intense as it looks in the pot. It dries to a powder finish and stays on quite well during the day. No setting needed.
According to Maybelline, the formula has pearls (for radiance), liquid colorants (for intense and bright colours), powders – talc and silica (for smoothness), oils and esters (for softness) and bouncy particles (for texture).
The highlighting concealer brightens up the dark circles under my eyes. It can also be used as cheek highlight but I don’t normally do that. Very easy to blend out, just with your ring finger, does not cake or crease. It feels comfortable, not drying. You don’t even feel like it’s there.

Swatches of the blush on the left – with a blush brush (left side) and with a finger (right side, not blended). The look of it on your cheeks is subtle and pretty. If you prefer using your fingers than a brush, just take a bit extra time to blend it out.
The concealer is on the right, swatched with its brush applicator, not blended. The colour seems a little light here but blends in well with my skin tone. You only need a very small amount of product, so use slow twists of the base of the tube. The pen format, however, houses very little product (0.05oz/ 1.5ml). Just as a reference, Cover Fx concealer tube has 0.5oz/ 15ml.
The Dream Bouncy blush comes in 10 shades, retails around $10 at drugstores. The Lumi Touch highlighting concealer has 6 shades, retail $12 a piece. A look is definitely to follow 🙂


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