Maybelline Master Contour palette

I managed to resist Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour palette for quite a while, until YT’ers started raving about the highlighter in it. Like I need just one more reason to buy it 🙂

Supposed to be a 3-step face contouring kit with a bronzer, blush and highlighter, Master Contour is compact and convenient, great for traveling.

I decided on the Light to Medium shade, for that highlighter of course and totally ignore the fact that the bronzer might be light for me.

The palette is thin and sturdy enough, with a brush that might work in a pinch, I use a proper blush brush.

Stated as the “contour” step is a bronzer that is warm but not orange, works well to warm up the face but is slightly light for contouring on medium skin tone.

I heard from a few people that the blush did not perform well, but on me, it shows up, subtle but can be built up slowly. A daytime blush.

Now the highlighter is not as strong as I wanted it to be, but is decent, easy to apply and blend. Ultimately, I probably should have gone for the Medium shade of this palette so it shows up better on me.

Overall, Light to Medium (0.35oz/ 10g, $13.99 at Walmart) works ok on me, and I enjoy the matte bronzer and blush. If you don’t mind scarce shimmers, however, I would recommend Quo Prismatic face palettes instead (15.4g, $18).

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