Mayor Kelly Says He Won’t Take A Pay Raise

Mayor's Welcome 2011

It seems as though Mayor Peter Kelly is trying to set an example for the second year in a row. Metro Halifax says Kelly is once again refusing to accept a pay raise offered to municipal government members on a yearly basis. 

As Mayor, Kelly is slated to receive a 5.92 percent annual salary increase while the remainder of the city's councillors will get a much smaller 1.04 percent increase. According to the article Kelly says that, after taxes, he will donate the difference of his salary hike to charity — an amount equaling roughly $9,000. In a press release statement the Mayor says the gesture is his way of reaching out to Nova Scotian families who are experiencing economic hardship and that "It's important to let the public know that I understand and will do what I can to mitigate  those kind of increases here even though they are automatic." 

We want you to weigh in Haligonia: What do you think of Mayor Kelly's pay-raise deferral and charitable contribution? Read the full article here:–mayor-refuses-pay-raise-again

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