McNabs Island Improvements

Visitors to McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour will see some improvements next spring.

Waterfront Development Corp. is working with the Department of Natural Resources and the Friends of McNabs Island Society to enhance the island. This includes additional marine infrastructure, compostable toilets, and signs. The Waterfront Development Corp. is investing $150,000 to support the work and will manage the project.

It is the largest island at the entrance of the harbour and includes Fort McNab National Historic Site. The 372-hectare island is only a short boat ride from Halifax or Eastern Passage, and is part of McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park.

“We are helping to enhance visitors’ experience of McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park by continuing to collaborate with the Friends of McNabs Island Society and the Waterfront Development Corporation,” said Minister of Natural Resources Zach Churchill. “These infrastructure improvements will benefit the community by improving access to this unique provincial park in Halifax Harbour.”

Colin MacLean, president and CEO, Waterfront Development Corp. noted that many residents have not had an opportunity to visit the island.

“It’s truly an undiscovered gem here in Halifax Harbour,” said Mr. MacLean. “This partnership is one way to create more opportunity, more discussion around public access and navigating the island more easily, while still protecting the vision that guides its future.”

Promoting the island as a nature park and outdoor classroom is key for the Friends of McNabs Island Society.

“Waterfront Development’s investment in McNabs Island complements the trail and park improvements that the Friends of McNabs have been doing in recent years,” said Catherine McCarthy, society president. “These welcome improvements will be greatly appreciated by island visitors.”

The society is a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the preservation of McNabs, Lawlor and Devils Islands as parkland. It raises funds to support projects such as annual beach cleanups, trail and park improvements, and outdoor education. One of its most popular events is the fall foliage tour which sold out Oct. 19, with 250 visitors going to the island. More information is available at .

Waterfront Development is a provincial Crown corporation developing the strategic potential of waterfronts in Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax and Lunenburg. For more information go to .

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