merry and bright

I assume by now you all have your tree? Maybe by the end of the weekend?? It’s time.

Here are a few tips, ideas and trends to make your tree merry and bright this holiday season.

lights: when setting up your tree, ensure 2 feet (61 cm) of space all around side that faces room, and between tree topper and ceiling.

Choose energy-efficient LED lights to curb energy use and costs (an average home uses 27 per cent more lighting in December).

Have a strand of 100 lights for each vertical foot (30.5 cm) of tree. For the extra wow-factor, up it to 200.
Plug in and ensure they’re all working before you put them on the tree!
Start at the top, plugged into the tree topper (if required) or near it, and carefully wind your way down as evenly spaced as you can. When you are done, take a step back and readjust as required to have a nice, even look.
ornaments: have 20 to 30 ornaments in various shapes and sizes for each vertical foot (30.5 cm) of tree.

Some suggest choosing ornaments that coordinate with colours in room. I say, choose a color scheme you like and go for it!

trend: coppers and corals are the latest trend. Bronzes and browns are still in fashion too. You’ll also see lots of other non-traditional colors like various shades of purples, pinks and blues.

Place largest ornaments first, tucking some midway along branches to light up dark spots in the tree.
For impact, add remaining ornaments in clusters of odd-numbered ornaments.

Don’t forget to add in a light sprinkling of your favourites, your sentimentials, and your family “heirloom” ornaments to personalize your tree.
I like to add in a touch of whimsy and/or something unexpected to my tree each year for added flavor. A unique ornament with feathers, birds, sparkles…etc are all fun (just don’t overdo it…one strategically placed gem is enough!)
garland: wide wire-edged ribbon, wide stiff ribbon with die-cut with holes is “in” this season, and beaded garlands are good options if you want to add garland.
tip: garland has a huge impact on the overall look of your tree, so if you go this route, adjust your number and positioning of ornaments as required so your tree won’t look overdone.

Now…sit back and enjoy! Remember to water your tree regularly (only if it’s real!) to ensure you’ll be able to continue to enjoy it for the next month.
Remember to check your recycling and garbage pick up schedule to find out when your municipality will pick up trees for mulching.
And check out next week’s blog to see my tree!
Happy decorating.

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December 12th