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That’s a hefty heap of page, isn’t it? Me and the Humber College guy know what’s up.

I just wanted to follow-up on the article printed earlier today in Metro Toronto’s Newspaper (Actor with a budding career) as I felt that there were a few things that were interpreted improperly. Condensing a 30 minute sit-down interview with a rambling actor into 500 words is not an enviable task, I’ll give the writer that much.

1) I said a lot more things about Halifax than how terrified I am of it’s random violent crime. I talked about how it’s vibrant arts scene was essential in giving me the support and opportunities needed to nurture my talents into what they are today. I tried to put on my Halifax-Ambassador-Ellen-Page hat. Go Mooseheads.

2) The thrust of the article wasn’t supposed to be so focused on HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, the film in which I have one scene (although that scene is enough for a Principal credit!), it was supposed to also feature THE CORRIDOR and also cover my recent nomination for Theatre Nova Scotia’s Robert Merritt Award for Best Lead Actor. I didn’t want to seem like I was galavanting around with my ass in the air, screaming “I’ve made it!” for having one scene in a successful film.

3) I really don’t say “terrific” that much.

4) The question I was asked [in person] was “Do you get nervous working with famous actors?”, not “What was the most important thing you felt you had to do when working with Rutger Hauer?”. And that’s why I responded that getting all worked up about working with a notorious actor is just wasted energy, and that I tend to focus solely on the scene. After the fact though, working with Rutger Hauer is pretty darn neat.

5) My blog. My poor blog. I wanted to get my digital scrapbook included in the footnotes of the article to introduce it to a whole new audience. Now I’m stuck talking to all the same schlubs as before. I can call you all that, right? Schlubs?

6) Oh, and yeah. I’m not The Hobo. Sorry.

The old adage “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” remains true. I am happy to be showcased in such a broad fashion, I just would have liked a few less surprises with my morning newspaper this morning.

PS. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’s Toronto premiere is tonight, and I’ll be galavanting with my ass in the air all night. Stay tuned to the Tweet-lands for updates through the evening!

Source: http://glenjm.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/metro-follow-up/

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