Metro Transit Routes 59 (Colby), 165 (MetroLink Woodside), 330 (MetroX Tantallon) Changes effective Monday, November 23

Beginning Monday, November 23, Halifax Metro Transit Route 59 (Colby), and Route 165 (Woodside MetroLink) will have minor adjustments made to their morning Monday-Friday schedules.

Also starting Monday, November 23, the Tantallon Route 330 MetroX will be adding 1 additional morning trip, 3 additional afternoon trips, and will have major changes to departure times on many other trips.

Route 59 Colby (to Colby Village) – schedule change

The 7:04 am Route 59 bus from the Bridge Terminal to Portland Hills will be departing earlier. This will improve the connection time with Route 165 that departs Portland Hills at 7:45 am.

  Depart Bridge Terminal (Monday-Friday)
  New time 7:00 am (was 7:04 am)

Route 165 Woodside MetroLink (To Woodside Ferry) – schedule changes

From Portland Hills Terminal, many Route 165 morning buses will be departing 4 minutes earlier, leaving every half hour on the quarter hour.

    Depart Portland Hills Terminal (Monday-Friday)
    New time 7:15 am (was 7:19 am)
    New time 7:45 am (was 7:49 am)
    New time 8:15 am (was 8:19 am)
    New time 8:45 am (was 8:49 am)
    New time 9:15 am (was 9:19 am)
    New time 9:45 am (was 9:49 am)


Route 330 Tantallon MetroX – new trips and significant schedule changes

Route 330 will add 1 morning trip, and 3 afternoon trips. In addition many trip departure times will be changed. 

  Route 330 MetroX Tantallon (To Halifax)
    Depart Hubley Centre (Monday-Friday)
    5:55 am (was 5:58 am)
    6:25 am (was 6:28 am)
    6:55 am (was 7:03 am)
    7:10 am (no change)
    7:20 am (new trip)
    7:35 am (no change)
    8:03 am (no change)
    1:00 pm (was 12:30 pm)
    2:30 pm (was 2:00 pm)
    3:25 pm (no change)

  Route 330 MetroX Tantallon (To Tantallon)
    Depart Scotia Square (Monday-Friday)
    1:45 pm (was 1:15 pm)
    2:40 pm (no change)
    3:15 pm (new trip)
    3:45 pm (was 3:40 pm)
    4:10 pm (was 4:15 pm)
    4:20 pm (new trip)
    4:45 pm (no change)
    5:15 pm (no change)
    5:45 pm (no change)
    6:15 pm (new trip)
    7:40 pm (was 6:50 pm)

For further information, including the latest schedules, please visit our site at, or contact the HRM call centre at 490-4000.

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