Metro Transit: This Could Be Why People Curse You

Metro Transit has certainly taken its share of knocks this year, and many frequent bus riders have had at least one less than positive experience.  But this one is just downright sad.

At around 8:30am this morning, one of our staffers snapped this picture of bus 1103 on the popular route 1 Spring Garden. The bus was stopped at the Halifax Shopping Center exit to Bayers Road, and the driver refused to let the person in the yellow raincoat board.  In the rain.

We checked, and Metro Transit generally permits drivers to let passengers board and depart busses at their own discretion, based on the safety of the situation, and other factors like proximity to a bus stop. 

Instead, this person stood, waved, jumped up and down and yelled for close to a minute before the driver pulled away leaving the passenger to wait.  Less than 100 feet from a bus stop.  Some nearby even honked their horns to attempt to help them out.

Now maybe the driver didn’t see the passenger in their bright yellow coat, or perhaps they were looking the other way. (Although they were clearly making a right turn towards the individual)


(View of the bus stop that bus 1103 had just passed)

Thoughts? Is this a non-story?

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