Michael Redden CD Release

Gifted musician Michael Redden came in to chat about his upcoming CD release ‘Muscial Chairs’. In this video Ashley King finds out how Michael feels about his music, what the future may hold for him and the release date of his CD.



I have listened, watched and interviewed many Atlantic Canadian musicians over the last 18 months here in Halifax.  All of them have something great  to offer the music scene on one level or another.  But this week I was witness to something different. I interviewed a young musician called Michael Redden.  A passionate musician who had just as much to offer whilst singing in our modest, live streaming studio. Later that month I was handed his new CD and began listening to it during my twenty minute journey home.  I was on track 5 by the time I arrived at my driveway.  I sat in the car for another 20 minutes to listen to the whole CD.  I could not believe that a young person would have written, produced and performed a CD of such maturity.  Each track different yet tied together with Michael’s beautiful, vocal tones. Being a film director Michael’s lyrics conjure up endless visuals and stories which stay engrained in my mind.  In fact so much so that I pitched an idea to Michael’s manager to create a music video for the song ‘Running In Circles’ which will be my entry into Music Video Production.  After ten years of directing television commercials ‘Running In Circles’ triggered something deep in me and we are now in pre production.

I believe a wide spectrum of people can relate to the themes on the CD and they have been delivered in a memorable and engaging way. Michael Redden may not have the flashy eccentric image that is fashioned for many of the new upstarts in the music scene. Michael Redden and his music is far, far deeper and expansive than that. Michael Redden was born with music in his soul.

Review by Ashley King.



Here is a link my Michael’s Facebook page if you would like to become a fan:


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