midweek excitement

Scottish shortbread:) You are looking at the end of my current affair with naughty food. Now onto veggies and soup and fibre and protein:)

There’s a show here in Canada called XWeighted. Sort of like Biggest Loser but not anywhere near the scale. (pun that I didn’t get until rereading:) Actually it is not like Biggest Loser at all now that I think of it. It is a show about losing weight. In January they are starting six month “at home challenge” I think I will sign up on January 9th 🙂 Sound like a plan?

Today is the Big Draw. I am headed to the QE11 Foundation office later to get the winning ticket drawn. Exciting! Thanks to all who donated and to everyone else, thanks for bearing with all my fund raising beseeching.

But first I have to get my hair cut:)

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