Might Be Easier This Way

Low and behold, I have returned to the blogosphere! It has been months since last my hands danced upon the keys in the name of my poor, beleaguered Hello City and I have to admit I had even considered making my inactivity permanent. I felt that my last New Years post ended on such a strong and reflective note that it was probably best to end it there. I began this blog midway through my third year of my undergrad (two years ago, my God!) largely as a tool to practice writing. At times however it became a convenient outlet and frequently open chronicle for a very specific period of my life. A period of transition and confrontation. A time when I battled my insecurities, doubts and personal flaws for emotional supremacy of my life. It was an era in my life which I felt had come to an end this January. My move to Vancouver has been the start of a different phase and I figured I would close out the previous phase, the past decade and my ramshackle blog by reflecting on how much a life can change in just ten years.

But three months of hiatus later I find myself feeling introspective and once more drawn to the platform I had all but abandoned. So much can change in so little time. Since last I blogged about my cautious optimism in early January, I have planned and directed a documentary on almost no budget. During the height of the Olympics no less! I have made fast and valued friends from a disparate collection of thirty misfits, who like myself, should probably not be allowed access mainstream society. Each with their own quirks, skills and outlooks which endear them to me more and more each day. I had the privilege of watching the nation I love totally seized by patriotic passion and enraptured by a single game which is sure to go down in Canadian lore, first hand. I have been thronged my multinational mobs and embraced by fellow countrymen from every corner of Canada. Though I remain the sole representative of Atlantic Canada in my program.

I have fallen in love with a city on the opposite side of the continent from the one I was born in. Vancouver is so very different from Halifax that sometimes it is jarring. But this town has a wonderful, vibrant charm which helps smooth out its rougher edges and I find myself enjoying living here more and more each day. Halifax is and will always be my hometown, but for the next little while at least, I’ll be glad to call this ‘Land of the Lotus Eaters’ home.

Probably the most surprising change (judging by the amount of disbelieving facebook messages I got) is that the constantly single and bitter about it Tim Johnson has actually met someone! Thanks in no small part to sheer good fortune and a surprising amount of drunken courage, I met a woman who for the meantime finds my mixture of Maritime forthrightness, Scottish pragmatism and starry eyed romanticism moderately charming. Here’s hoping she doesn’t come to her senses any time soon and realize that the above is a recipe for disaster.

There are times when I really miss my grubby Atlantic home. Its easy charm and frank demeanour. Not to mention the tremendous friends who supported me for so many years and put up with so much of my horseshit (keep the faith Rangers, keep the faith!) But I am adapting. Life can move so fast out here on the West Coast and sometimes this simple Maritime boy feels like he barely has enough time to catch his breath. Fortunately most of the time, I don’t want to. I am having way too much fun to stop now!

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