Migraine City

Yesterday morning I woke up with what could only be described as a migraine.  My head was pounding like crazy and I felt nauseous.  I stayed awake long enough tell work that I wasn’t coming in and then I promptly fell back asleep until 11:00am.

Yup, you read that right.  11:00am.

This from the 5:30am gal.   I guess when my body needs to it can still sleep in.  Sadly,  the headache was still there but not as bad. I spent the rest of the day sharing the couch with the kitty kats.

 IMG_1312  IMG_1335

My favourite Just Us Green Tea with a bit of NS honey for warmth.

IMG_1313 IMG_1317

Along with a Cranberry Delight Honeybar to make one yummy snack! – Peanuts, honey, dried cranberries (cranberries, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), raisins, dried apricots, almonds.

And speaking of honeybars

Have you entered my Honeybar Giveaway yet? 
Keep those entries coming, there’s still lots of time left!!

Do you guys know how much day time television sucks?? There was nothing on so I blogged (new post on SeeLynnRun.com) and I pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon on Twitter.  *blushes*   That was until I realized that hubby was going to be home soon and I hadn’t even began to start Supper. Opps.  Enter the go-to pasta dish.

Chopped red & yellow bell peppers, onions, sliced Italian sausage, red kidney beans and diced tomatoes.
Lately I’ve been all about the beans.  Don’t know what it is, I love their texture and they seem to go with everything from pasta to salad.
Mix together with cooked whole wheat pasta and sauce.

And Supper time!

I also made a batch of “everything-from-the-cupboard” muffins and they turned out awesome.  These are banana chocolate chia seed.

Jazzed up with a bit of icing.

I made it back to work today, lots of catching up to do.  Then I barely got in the door  his evening before we headed down to celebrate MIL’s birthday. No time to work out.  Not gonna lie, I’m tired and I’m slacking with the running.  It will be all right though.

I realize this has been a bit of a rambley post;  my apologies I think my brain stopped functioning properly about an hour a ago. 🙂

a bit of this and that

Farewell Corridor!