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I have been looking for Milani Cosmetics for so long. Beauty blogs from the US mention the brand often enough that it landed on my lemming list. The thing is I couldn’t find a store around here that sells them … until recently!

Lawton carries Milani now!!! The shelf isn’t big but there are enough products to keep me occupied. I’m attracted to the shadows of course – the Runway wet/dry single shadows, the Runway palettes – and then there’re Glimmer Stripes, nail polish and more. I have to say the price at Lawton is either the same or a dollar or two highter than that on Milani website, I blame the exchange rate 🙂

I’m aware that Lawton only has stores in the Maritimes, so for my Canadian readers outside the area:, the online store that ships free everywhere in Canada, now have Milani too.

They started carrying Milani a few months ago but sold out so quickly and I had to hold off the news. Milani is back in stock today, so I’m telling you now!

Pricing on is surprisingly lower than both Lawton and Milani home page. I have done price check for you too.

The Runway Wet/dry shadows are CAD5 each (vs. USD6 on Milani website and CAD8 at Lawton). All 12 colours are available.

I’m always a big fan of wet/dry shadows (they’re normally baked) thanks to my habit of foiling mineral pigments on my lids. I believe the shadows look a lot better when applying wet.

I was told that Beach Sand (described as a beige with white glitter) is a dupe of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy shadow. Exciting huh?

The Runway Fashion Shadow palettes are CAD8 (vs USD9 on Milani and CAD11 at Lawton), but only come in 6 combos: Designer Browns, Fashionista Pink, Couture in Purples, Backstage Basics (smokey grey and black), Glamorous Gems (multiple darker colours, in the picture)and Beauty in Blues.

I do hope they will have Catwalk (smokey green and burgundy), Haute Couture (multiple brighter colours) and Ready To Wear (gold and bronze) soon, as they are pretty too – I checked them out at Lawton, lol.

I like the Lip Mixers too. They are so fun to use, as you don’t know what to expect when the applicator goes through all 3 shades in the tube.

All 6 shades are available for CAD7, except Lip Mingle (mix of bronze, gold and pearl shimmers) is on for CAD4.20 (vs. USD5.50 on Milani and CAD7 at Lawton).

Feel free to browse around to see if they have what you want. They certainly don’t have everything under the Milani brand (including the nail polishes), but I’m happy that they have some basic products. I just like the options to choose where to shop 🙂

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