Milani products

If you haven’t seen, the Milani shelf at drugstores has been updated with more exciting new products. Before I get to those, I have a quick review of some current products that are worth checking out while you’re there, courtesy of Lawtons 🙂

Here I have:
– Liquid Eye liquid-like eyeliner pencil in Black
– Runway Eyes eyeshadow in Golden Touch
– Baked powder blush in Corallina, and
– Illuminating face powder in Amber Nectar.

I’d say this is a good representation of what Milani had released. As a harder-to-find brand in Canada, Milani does have some good products to offer.

First up is the Liquid Eye liquid-like eyeliner pencil in Black.

I think I looked pass this product for a long time, am happy to see that it is quite awesome.

As claimed, it is waterproof and smudge proof, last all day on my waterline and lower lash line even when I didn’t set it with a powder eyeshadow on top. I enjoyed the easy application and auto sharpening mechanism.

5 shades available, all paraben free, 0.01oz/ 0.28g.

Another eye product is the Runway Eyes eyeshadow in Golden Touch.

The Runway Eyes eyeshadow line can be used wet or dry, which I like. Even though the glitters are only an overspray, I still prefer the eyeshadows without them (or matte finish would be great).

This shade in particular is quite close to my skin tone (see below) that I can only use it as a quick wash of colour on the lids to even them out, or as a brow bone highlight.

On top of a primer, it has decent wear time, but again, because it is my skin tone colour, fading is harder to notice. No creasing though, which is good.

0.07oz/ 2.1g with good selection of shades.

Swatches of the liner (left) and the eyeshadow (dry in the middle, wet on the right).

The Golden Touch is quite a light touch (pun intended), with better payoff when applied wet. The glitters don’t transfer much, which is good.

Notice how pigmented the liner is? It would be a good liner to travel with, now that I don’t have to worry about the sharpener 🙂

Now to the Baked powder blush in Corallina.

Don’t you love the look of baked blushes with multi-coloured veins running through the product. Corallina is an intense coral pink with light gold shimmer that does not show up much (which is a good thing for daily use).

And they don’t only have the look. Pigmentation is really good and long lasting (no touchups required for the whole day I wore it). Application is smooth and easy.

The compact was a little bulky because of the mirrored compartment that houses the brush underneath the blush. People don’t use it anyway, I’d rather have a thinner compact to carry around.

8 shades available, 0.12oz/ 3.5g.

Another treat-to-the-eye face product: the Illuminating face powder in Amber Nectar. Looks like a bouquet of roses, this powder is a multi purpose product – highlighter, bronzer and blush.

On my skin tone, Amber Nectar is not really a highlighter unless I pick only the white rose spots to touch my brush (not very easy, considering how small the spots are). It works best as a bronzer for me, and it does very good job at that with a subtle glow.

0.35oz/ 10g, with 3 colour options.

Swatches of the blush and the powder. The glow on the powder was intensified by the flash, it is not that intense IRL, rest assured.

I was happy to see these products all have safety seals/ plastic wraps or are with boxed-in packaging. I cringe every time I see someone swatching a product (not testers) in store.

What are you favorite Milani products? Now that we are in June, I probably should ask what your favorite summer products are, to be more specific 🙂

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