Milestone: 1,000 readers

Saturday morning marked this huge benchmark in my blogging “career” lol – Sparkled Beauty has reached 1,000 readers! 🙂

You know the number is not my motivation to blog, but reaching this milestone means I have your constant support to thank.

So, thank YOU, all of you, for being here sharing my little hobby that is beauty blogging.

Gotta admit, there were times that I was discouraged to go on, seeing the number of readers did not grow, and the amount of comments was down to almost non existence. I have some wonderful friends to thank for setting my thoughts straight through those setbacks (you know who you are!).

So here I am, 4+ years later, deep to my knees in makeup and nail polish and still can’t stop telling you about them 🙂 Blogging is time consuming and requires lots of support but it is emotionally rewarding and acts as a relaxing outlet for me. Some of my friends do not understand why I need more than a handful of lipsticks or nail polish, but you guys do, right?

As moving day is approaching and I am nowhere near being done packing, I’ll have to delay this celebration until I settle down a bit 🙂 But again, thank you so much, my lovely readers!

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